5-yr-old Harumi Makes Cinnamon Baked Bananas (gf, v, df, ef, sf, pf)

Let 5 y.o. Harumi teach you how easy it is to cook healthy & delicious food! If Harumi can do it, so can you!!! Dr. Theresa Nicassio yumfoodforliving.com

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‘YUM’ is Sweeping International Book Awards with Surprising Message to “PIG-Out”

PRESS RELEASE: Game-Changing Gluten-Free Cookbook 'YUM' Sweeps International Awards (May 4, 2016) With Surprising Message to "PIG-Out!"

TV Interview About YUM Featured On Shaw TV’s Run With It

Watch Run With It on Shaw TV & YouTube runwithitcb1. On this month's show, before our interview about YUM during the Doctor's Corner segment (21 minutes into the show), Christine had a moving conversation with ex-smoker Danielle Buchanan about her story and the Run to Quit Program. [...]

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JOIN ME TODAY at the Celebrity Cooking Stage of the Fraser Valley Food/Gluten-Free Living Show at the Tradex in Abbotsford and see (and taste!) how easy healthy deliciousness can be as I share YUM’s special signature invention: DIABETIC-FRIENDLY BUTTERCREAM FROSTING!!! "Inclusive Cooking" is about s [...]

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Nori Rice Paper Roll Demo Live on CTV Morning Live

What a fun morning! From Joe, the first security officer I met upon arrival, to Buffy, the make-up artist and then to every person I met along the way this morning, I have nothing but gratitude. It moves me that there is a greater consciousness about our food supply and our opportunities as individu [...]

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2016 Fraser Valley Food and Gluten-Free Living Show

This weekend, we will be at the 2016 Fraser Valley Food and Gluten-Free Living Show — April 1-3 at the Tradex, Abbotsford. I will be performing several live cooking demonstrations on the Celebrity Cooking Stage with terrific celebrity chefs like the Food Network's Surreal Gourmet, Bob Blumer. I coul [...]

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When I had the honour of giving the keynote to Vancouver's YVR Foodies Blog Group at the Kaya Malay event, I met some really wonderful people---Melody Owen of Nutritious Truth Publishing was one of them. We share a similar philosophy of joyful engagement with healthy food for ourselves and our child [...]

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YUM Featured on SHAW TV’s RUN WITH IT with Christine Blanchette

What a great gift to the community Host Christine Blanchette is with her SHAW TV show "Run With It". It was a privilege to be invited as a guest for her Doctor's Corner to talk about YUM, amidst such an inspiring line-up of guests. The show will air on April 2nd on SHAW TV. [...]

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PRESS RELEASE: YUM Wins Gourmand Cookbook National Award

Psychologist Opposes Status Quo of Gluten-Free Living -- Catching Attention of International Jury, Winning Gourmand Cookbook National Award 08:45 ET from D&D Publishing VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Theresa Nicassio, Chef, Registered Psychologist and Author, ann [...]

YUM Is Now Available in Nova Scotia!

YUM Living has made it to the North American Eastern Seaboard!!! For those preferring not to make online purchases of YUM, either from www.yumfoodforliving.com or Amazon, more options are opening up.  If you live in Nova Scotia, YUM can now be purchased at INNER HEALTH COUNSELLING CENTER LTD. 94 MEM [...]

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