When I had the honour of giving the keynote to Vancouver's YVR Foodies Blog Group at the Kaya Malay event, I met some really wonderful people---Melody Owen of Nutritious Truth Publishing was one of them. We share a similar philosophy of joyful engagement with healthy food for ourselves and our child [...]

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ARE YOU A SUPERHERO? ...and didn't even know it!   JOIN ME on VALENTINE'S DAY at the CELEBRITY COOKING STAGE where your superpowers will be ignited --- all while you also get to learn and sample a couple of YUM's Signature Recipes. It's going to be a great time! WHEN: AT NOON on VALENTINE'S DAY WHER [...]

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YUM Gets “Starred” Review in PUBLISHERS WEEKLY!!!

No words can describe my excitement!  Not only did YUM receive the prestigious honour of being reviewed by PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, but also received a star designation as well!!! Here's the Review... Refreshingly free of politics and polemics, Nicassio’s book strictly focuses on the food, offering though [...]

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READY TO BE INSPIRED? 13-yr-old Peter stopped all GLUTEN, SUGAR & PROCESSED FOODS when he was just 11!

THERESA'S WELLNESS TIPS: Inspiring Interview with 13-yr-old teen, committed to his health When 13-yr-old Peter asked if I would be willing to interview him so that he could share his story and his passion for healthy eating, I was thrilled! He said that he wanted to help inspire others with his stor [...]

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COOKING WITH KIDS – YUM Food Revolution!

Cooking With Kids... The more we can teach our kids how to cook real food, the more empowered they are to care for their health.

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NO-BAKE PUMPKIN PIE (gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free)

This vegan (gluten-, sugar-, dairy-, sugar-, and egg-free) no-bake rendition of the traditional dessert is outrageously delicious! Be prepared for it to become your new family favourite.  Get recipe... Recipe excerpted and adapted for The Wellness Universe from YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten- [...]

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YUM Event at Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks in Vancouver What a great day! For those of you who don't know, Barbara-Jo has created THE premier cookbook store in British Columbia, if not beyond. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be able to spend the afternoon in her beautiful store yesterday, talking about YU [...]

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YUM Recipe Update: Lemon Buttercream Frosting on Gingersnaps

YUM'S LEMON BUTTERCREAM FROSTING (pg. 272) is delicious on the GINGERSNAPS (pg. 288) recipe!!! Here's the story of this new discovery... There I was at the Body Soul Spirit Expo in Vancouver offering Gingersnap Cookie samples that visitors loved. However, I also told them about #YUM's ultra diabetic [...]

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“Inclusive Cooking” – Food Everyone Can Enjoy

“Inclusive Cooking” is a new paradigm and philosophy that I developed to encourage a more heart-centred, generous and emotionally-sensitive  approach to food sharing in society. Eating is inherently an emotional experience, strongly impacted by our attachment experiences and sense of inclusion (or l [...]

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WHAT A WEEKEND! It is difficult to find words to express the depth of my gratitude for the countless beautiful people who have made the launch of YUM the experience that it was. Not to mention all of the work that went into the building of the infrastructure for the event and the contributions of ou [...]

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