Old Fashioned Pancakes (gf/v/sf)

  If you and your kin are like mine, you know how sacred pancakes can be! Only a fluffy and tender and delicious-tasting pancake will do to fill the craving for this favourite comfort food. While this recipe is super simple to make, getting it just right took far too many renditions to count--- [...]

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Blueberries… in the Shade & Small Spaces

Picking up a bite to eat! Many berries thrive in containers, small garden spaces, and in the shade. Offering abundant harvests for us, as well as providing a great food source for birds, bees and other pollinators that we share the planet with, everyone wins! My favourite berries to grow in the shad [...]

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YUM’s Crumb Cake Recipe Published in Natural Facts Magazine!

The Mar/April Natural Facts Magazine (Volume 71) is available. This magazine by New Roots Herbal has some fantastic articles about health, as well as YUMmy recipes! Be sure to check out page 25 for YUM's Zucchini-Carrot Crumb Cake Recipe. Gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free...and absolutel [...]

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Gluten-Free Cookbook Directory (by Tracy Grabowski)

Tracy Grabowski has started a blog that offers a directory of recommended gluten-free cookbooks (and has added YUM to it as well! :) ). In this directory, Tracy also includes a couple of resources that are fun for kids too. We have such a great community! [...]

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8 Easy Tips to Help Keep Kids Hydrated

Are Your Kids Actually Drinking Enough Water? by Dee Purcell, PhD Today, Nephrologists (Kidney Doctors), report that more than ever, there is a high demand for Pediatric Nephrologists (Kidney Doctor for Kids). This is due to kids being diagnosed with PAINFUL Kidney & Urinary Stones, which are of [...]

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I’m really concerned about the rising obesity and diabetes rates…

It concerns me how the obesity and diabetes rates have been progressively increasing over the past few years, especially for our young people. As this article from autismspeaks.com describes a recent CDC report of a study by Zuckerman et al (2014), it appears that some individuals seem to be particu [...]

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