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Theresa Nicassio is your guide to a fresh way of living

“With her YUM ‘philosophy’ and accompanying recipes, Dr. Theresa Nicassio makes me think of the beautiful and bountiful way of life in Southern Italy, with its emphasis on food, family—and also fun. Her psychological background brings a much-needed dimension to the discussion of special diets and the role that food plays in the total picture that makes up our health.”

Alessio Fasano MD, Harvard Professor & Director, Center for Celiac Research and Treatment, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

“Just holding and looking at this fabulous book makes me want to eat every one of the recipes.  Not just eat but prepare myself.  So many new and innovative  ingredients make the book stand out of the crowd of the usual fare.  I have found Dr. Theresa’s YUM creations feeding well the body and the heart.”

Saul Pilar MD, Integrative Physician, Connect Health Centre for Integrative Medicine, Vancouver, BC

“Theresa Nicassio gives healthy eating the look and taste a gourmet cook would love. Armed with the recipes in this book, you’ll find yourself head over heels in recipes that pack a nutritional punch as well as a hefty dose of deliciousness. Eating a low-fat, vegan diet is the best way to promote health, and Theresa has embraced this in her YUM philosophy. Pairing wholesome plant-based foods with her recipe-making talents, these easy-to-make meals will leave you feeling better than ever.”

Neal Barnard MD, President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Adjunct Associate Professor at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

“Nicassio’s YUM is a food lover’s book for even the reluctant foodie. Her own journey to good health through food is chronicled throughout, drawing the reader in, as if holding her hand, to join her in a responsibly hedonistic relationship with food. Her encyclopedia of ingredients is one I know I’ll refer to again and again and her recipes are irresistible. The photos are stunning, and as inviting as the text is ebullient. Nicassio somehow manages to infuse her sunny perspective on life into the soul of this book, thus inspiring the reader – no matter their dietary restriction – to press on and find joy in food again.”

Jules Shepard, Author, Free for All Cooking; The First Year: Celiac Disease and Living Gluten Free; and Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten Free Eating and Founder, gfJules™ Gluten Free Flour and Baking Mixes

“Delicious, nutritious, and fun! My whole family loved preparing, admiring, and eating these culinary delights.”

David R. Boyd PhD, Environmental Lawyer, Endurance Athlete, and Author of The Optimistic Environmentalist and Dodging the Toxic Bullet

“I love the hope-filled, joyful, luxurious approach that YUM brings to gluten-free, plant-based eating. Thank you, Theresa, for helping set people free from the ‘tyranny of shoulds’ with this delightful guide to delicious living.”

Susan Biali MD, Wellness Expert, Psychology Today blogger and Author of Live a Life You Love

“Theresa has joyfully and elegantly presented a YUM Living philosophy of food that encompasses core values that are essential to healing and optimal wellness: mindful eating, self-compassion, non-judgment, personal empowerment, community, and play! Her recipes are delicious and celebrate the beauty and intelligence of the plant world – each dish will “speak to your DNA” with key information to turn on health promoting genes through “nutrigenomics”, so that you can enjoy brilliant health – and have fun while you’re at it!”

Devon Christie MD CCFP Functional Medicine Practitioner, Connect Health Centre for Integrative Medicine, Vancouver, BC

“It is time someone put together this awesome book of gluten free recipes, healthy eating ideas and photographs to show the adventure of food.  The photographs are masterpieces.  You can just about eat the fruit and vegetables right off the page!  Give me a spoon and I will have some of that ice-cream! The colours of the photographs are a delight and tantalizing to the tastebuds.  I will certainly recommend this awesome book to my friends, family and business associates.  It is a keeper.”

Margriet Dogterom PhD, Author of Pollination with Mason Bees and Owner of Beediverse.

“YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet is a yummy read for anyone interested in adding more delicious, health-promoting plant foods to their diet. Author Theresa Nicassio has a wealth of information and shares it in a book that is beautiful to look at, easy to read and fun to use.”

Cherie Soria, founder and director of Living Light Culinary Institute and author of many books including Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies and The Raw Food Revolution Diet

“Congratulations to Theresa Nicassio PhD for putting together such a well-researched, well organised and easy to use cookbook. YUM is sure to encourage many people to try a gluten free diet – this book showcases such a plentiful and incredible variety of delicious food.

YUM is a masterpiece in several ways. It is beautiful to look at and the photography brings the colors, textures and shapes of the foods and meals into a vibrant living experience. It reminds us that healthy foods are the art of nature. It is a masterpiece of healthy food combining, which will help those with gut problems and food sensitivities to not feel as deprived. It has cleverly excluded foods that are toxic or promote inflammation and replaced them with healing and delicious foods.

Hippocrates taught doctors that good health begins in the digestive tract and that food should be our medicine. This beautiful recipe book embraces those eternal principles in a modern and exciting way. To feel well and energetic and to have a clear and happy mind we need a healthy gut and liver. The gut brain connection is huge. The gut – immune connection is just as huge.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves eating living, healthful foods and especially those who love to cook.”

Sandra Cabot MD, Author of the award winning Liver Cleansing Diet book www.liverdoctor.com

“Theresa came into my life like a splash of sunshine. Her glowing energy and desire to help others overwhelmed me as she intuitively understood what was needed by those around her. This book is a perfect example of that natural talent…As usual Theresa knew what was needed and has put her heart and soul into its creative, beautiful delivery. I’m sure you (and your tastebuds) will enjoy her work as much as I do.”

Kisane Appleby (aka Zane), International Raw Food Chef, Author, Holistic Health Educator & Yogi

“YUM is an exciting passport to a more vibrant and delicious life. A planet-friendly, palate-stimulating collection of plant-based culinary adventures, the pages ooze with amazing recipes, tantalizing photography and love.”

Synte Peacock PhD, Environmental Scientist and Author of Earth on the Edge

“I’m impressed with Theresa Nicasso’s paradigm-shifting gift to the gluten-free world. If you are a foodie, a health enthusiast, or simply looking to make a positive change in your life, YUM is that foundational text that arms you with all the resources, motivation, and inspiration you will need to transform your life. Packed with recipes, complemented by stunning photography, you will never feel deprived when you indulge in the beautiful and nourishing meals that Theresa shares.  If you feel like there’s a better you waiting inside, the recipes in YUM can unleash the inner greatness.”

Vinnette Thompson, Executive Chef of the Raw Food Underground and Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Gourmet Instructor

“Theresa’s vision to make healthy food taste delicious inspires us to bring the JOY back to healthy eating and is a wonderful resource for patients who have celiac disease or multiple food sensitivities. Absolutely love this!”

Jill Carnahan MD, ABFM, ABIHM, IFMCP, Medical Director, functional medicine expert at Flatiron Functional Medicine

“YUM is as eloquently written and informative as it is accessible. Enjoy this book in the kitchen or brew up Alex’s Chai Latte and take it in on the couch. YUM will be your friendly exploration guide to a myriad of wonderful tastes and healthy living we can all attain.”

Rush Dhillon PhD, Biomolecular Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Researcher investigating aerobic and anaerobic cellular metabolism and mitochondrial respiration responses to stressors, including aging

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Publishers Weekly (*Starred) Review

Refreshingly free of politics and polemics, Nicassio’s book strictly focuses on the food, offering thoughtful and practical recipes such as her Best No Meat-Meat, a combination of mushrooms, walnuts, onions, and herbs used to create shepherd’s pie, as well as spaghetti and veggie meatballs. Kid- and family-friendly food dominates the book, with vegan versions of mac and cheese, tacos, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies, as well as inventive riffs. She employs baked polenta as a substitute crust for pizza and collard greens as a stand-in for tortillas in wraps—all of which are simple and ingenious. A highlight are her chia chips, a crunchy snack full of healthy ingredients that work well with all manner of dips. Even carnivores will find dishes like Rho’s Giardiniera Pickled Vegetables and garlic-infused polenta hard to resist. Most recipes are as straightforward, though some, such as lemon cupcakes, call for a painfully specific ingredient (in this case, a quarter teaspoon of psyllium husk powder), which may be off-putting to initiates. That said, once readers have sorted out their preferences and tastes (particularly regarding which sugar substitute they’ll be using), they’re good to go. (BookLife)

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Kirkus Review

Nicassio’s collection of more than 180 recipes that are plant-based and gluten-free offers help to those who suffer from dietary restrictions….

…A thorough, informative cookbook for healthy meals; ideal for those with food restrictions.

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