plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet

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gluten-free plant-based recipes

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YUM Wins “Best in the World Award” 

2016 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards – Best Diet Book 2nd
209 Countries | Over 10,000 Entries







And one of the seven Best Indie PW Starred Reviews for Spring 2016



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Best in the World Gourmand Award 2016
2016 Gourmand Winner 2nd Place Best Diet Book
The Next Generation INDIE Book Award Winner
The Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner
2015 Nautilus Book Award
Nautilus Book Award Winner
Best Selling Author
5 Star Reviews
Publishers Weekly Starred Review
Publishers Weekly
Starred Review
Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner
2015 Gourmand World Cookbook
Award Winner
“Theresa Nicassio gives healthy eating the look and taste a gourmet cook would love.”

~Neal Barnard MD

President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


Author of YUM: Dr. Theresa Nicassio

Dr. Theresa Nicassio (“The Inclusive Chef”), Registered Psychologist, author, and gourmet raw food chef, is an integrative mind-body wellness expert who has been educating and empowering clients, students and the public since 1987. Her life’s journey forever changed after a personal health crisis. Since then, she has been on a mission to live more vibrantly, mindfully, and healthfully in every way possible and offer her insanely delicious recipes and health discoveries to help others. [Read More…]


Gluten-Free Peanut-Butter Cookie Sandwiches (sugar-free & vegan)

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Crazy-delicious, this Gluten-Free PEANUT-BUTTER COOKIE SANDWICH RECIPE breaks all the rules because even the creamy frosting is healthy too! While standard buttercream frosting is LOADED WITH ICING SUGAR (typically 4 cups to 1 pound per batch), this delectable recipe is entirely free of cane sugar!

YUM Tabbouleh Salad (gf, vegan, paleo, low-GI)

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This fresh take on the traditional tabbouleh salad is crazy-delicious and also extremely versatile. It is not only fantastic straight up as it is, but can be used as a condiment or serve as an awesome prepped food for other dishes.

YUM STRAWBERRY JELLY (vegan, gf, sugar-free, diabetic-friendly, low GI, low-sodium)

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Because of the use of low-GI sweetening, combined with the naturally low carbohydrate density of strawberries, this delectable dessert is diabetic-friendly!

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Theresa Nicassio at WCWS

Need A Speaker For Your Group?

I have walked many paths, from psychology and parenting to health, fine arts and science, so there is a broad range of topics and populations I can serve. My greatest offering is helping my audiences learn how to be intentionally present and accepting of what is, choosing love and gratitude as core guiding principles for living, and encouraging openness to the possibility of transformation, even in the face of seeming

I do this through the medium of compassionate storytelling, while I help audience members also:

  1. Make lemonade from the lemons of life through possibility thinking
  2. Use gratitude as a powerful tool dispel their “victim” identity
  3. Discover how to use storytelling as a method of emotional and relational transformation
  4. Shed “Shoulds” and other destructive expectations
  5. Creatively find ways to be kind & find the beauty in themselves & others, even with “difficult” people
  6. Learn simple strategies to enjoy more pleasure and passion in daily living

From health care professionals to special needs parenting and everything in between, I can customize topics for your group, focusing on kindness, compassion & empowerment.  Contact for more information.

Personalized Culinary Consultations

When you have a food allergy or dietary limitation I knows it’s hard to give up the foods you love. Because of this, I decided to put on my chef hat and offer you personalized culinary consultations that will light up your taste buds. You’ll explore substitute ingredients so you CAN enjoy your favorite foods again. Knowing how hard it is to learn new habits and skills, I can help you make food preparation easy and guide you on your path to healthy living. Contact me for more information.

2016 Gourmand Best in the World Cookbook Awards MAY 29, Yantai, China

UPDATE: The 2015 Canadian National Champion as the Best Diet Book for the Public in English in the Gourmand International national competition, Dr. Theresa Nicassio is proud to return from Yantai, China with a prestigious Best Diet Book in the World Award for YUMWith 209 countries and over 10 thousand entries in the competition, this is a huge win for Canada.

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CTV Morning News: Gluten-Free Vegan Cooking Demo & Gardening
Making Probiotic Drinks… The Easy Way
Dr. Theresa Nicassio Speaks at the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest 2015
Dairy Free Cheesy Broccoli Soup Demo at the Gluten Free Expo


“Refreshingly free of politics and polemics, Nicassio’s book strictly focuses on the food, offering thoughtful and practical recipes… Kid- and family-friendly … as well as inventive riffs…all of which are simple and ingenious….Even carnivores will find dishes … hard to resist.”

~Publishers Weekly (PW Starred Review)
“A thorough, informative cookbook for healthy meals; ideal for those with food restrictions.”
~Kirkus Reviews
[Dr. Theresa Nicassio’s] psychological background brings a much-needed dimension to the discussion of special diets.”
~Alessio Fasano MD, Director, Center for Celiac Research and Treatment and author of Gluten Freedom
“…these easy-to-make meals will leave you feeling better than ever.”
~Neal Barnard MD, President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and author of Power Foods for the Brain and Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes

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Hardcover $43.95 CAD

FREE shipping within

Hardcover $35 USD

FREE shipping within
the Continental US

Amazon eBook $9.99

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