• Dr. David Boyd (“The Optimistic Environmentalist”) on Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show HealthyLife.net

Dr. David Boyd – The Optimistic Environmentalist on Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show

Dr. David Boyd (“The Optimistic Environmentalist”) 

Concluding the end of the Launch Month of the Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show on HealthyLife.net – All Positive Talk Radio will be an interview with internationally-renowned environmentalist and human rights expert and national advisor Dr. David Boyd .

Monday, December 26th 2016
The Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show

Dr. Boyd will be talking about many exciting reasons to be optimistic about our future and our children’s future. He will also share what you can do to lead healthier, happier life that also place less pressure on our beloved but beleaguered planet. Who knows… he might also talk about food-related health and environmental issues as well.

About Dr. David Boyd

David R. Boyd is an environmental lawyer, professor, and internationally renowned expert on human rights and the environment. He has a PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies from The University of British Columbia, a JD from the University of Toronto, and a business degree from the University of Alberta. His career has included serving as the executive director of Ecojustice, appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada, working as a special advisor on sustainability for Prime Minister Paul Martin, and advising the governments of Sweden, Grenada, and other nations on environmental sustainability. Along with Mayor Gregor Robertson, he co-chairs Vancouver’s effort to become the world’s greenest city by 2020.

Boyd is also the author of eight books and over 100 reports and articles on environmental law and policy, human rights, and constitutional law. His books include The Optimistic Environmentalist (ECW Press, 2015), Cleaner, Greener, Healthier: A Prescription for Stronger Canadian Environmental Laws and Policies (UBC Press, 2015) and The Environmental Rights Revolution: A Global Study of Constitutions, Human Rights, and the Environment (UBC Press, 2012).

Radio Show Guest: Dr. David Boyd ("The Optimistic Environmentalist") | Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show, HealthyTalk.net Radio

Radio Show Guest: Dr. David Boyd (“The Optimistic Environmentalist”) | Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show, HealthyTalk.net Radio

For additional details, please see www.optimisticenvironmentalist.com and www.davidrichardboyd.com

Ask Theresa Nicassio PhD questions about health, psychology, life, food, parenting, wellness and whatever else you need advice on.

Ask Theresa Nicassio PhD questions about health, psychology, life, food, parenting, wellness and whatever else you need advice on.

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Ask Dr. Theresa questions about health, psychology, life, food, parenting, wellness and whatever else you need advice on.

The Because You Asked radio show segment was inspired by the plethora of questions friends and followers have been asking me since the YUM Project began. I can’t begin to tell you how moved I have been by the droves of email inquiries, social media messages, phone calls and in-person questions YUM and my speaking engagements have prompted!  With such a demand, it will be terrific to be able to offer my reflections and information to an even broader audience.

If you have any topics or questions that you would like me to address, I’d love to hear from you! 

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