PRESS RELEASE: FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND World Award-Winning Book will start receiving proposals for Foreign Rights & Distribution at the FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR

D&D Publishing is pleased to announce that at the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 19-24), YUM: Plant-Based Recipes For A Gluten-Free Diet will begin entertaining proposals for Foreign Rights, Distribution and other business ventures. This will be the first time such opportunities will be made available to publishers from around the world for this stunning one-of-a-kind book that has run away with some of the most prestigious international book awards and critical acclaim available in the industry.

Heralded by some of the world’s most respected physicians, researchers, scientists and chefs 

YUM is not only a beautiful book with delicious recipes for the whole family that are all easy enough for a 12-year-old to make, but is also a psychologically-grounded, and nutritional resource that is unlike any other Lifestyle book or Cookbook that is currently available anywhere.

“With her YUM ‘philosophy’ and accompanying recipes, Dr. Theresa Nicassio makes me think of the beautiful and bountiful way of life in Southern Italy, with its emphasis on food, family—and also fun. Her psychological background brings a much-needed dimension to the discussion of special diets and the role that food plays in the total picture that makes up our health.”
— Alessio Fasano MD

Aware that the current approach to helping people live healthier lives has proven to be ineffective, Dr. Nicassio uses her knowledge and skills as a psychologist (as well as a raw food nutrition educator and chef) to offer hope for those who are disillusioned by the multitude of “diets” that all claim to work. She does this by introducing a new approach to living she calls “YUM Living.”

Using food as a concrete metaphor to express this psychologically-grounded philosophy, Theresa helps her readers transform the lemons of life into lemonade or perhaps even grain-free lemon cookies, without any “shoulds.” This paradigm-shifting “masterpiece,” (Sandra Cabot MD), embedded with positive psychological principles, offers a seamless and effortless journey of acceptance, pleasure and mindful living.

 “Thank you, Theresa, for helping set people free from the ‘tyranny of shoulds’ with this delightful guide to delicious living.”
 Susan Biali MD

“Refreshingly free of politics and polemics” (Publishers Weekly *Starred Review), YUM philosophy is inclusive—even die-hard junk-food addicts or meat lovers can enjoy her recipes alongside those who need or choose to avoid certain foods.” (Kirkus Reviews)

With the growing numbers of individuals worldwide who are finding themselves sensitive to foods such as sugar, gluten, dairy and eggs, or who are choosing more plant-based lifestyles for ethical reasons, this book is a timely resource to help address the tsunami of health and environmental challenges and their associated global impact.

Theresa has joyfully and elegantly presented a YUM Living philosophy of food that encompasses core values that are essential to healing and optimal wellness: mindful eating, self-compassion, non-judgment, personal empowerment, community, and play! Her recipes are delicious and celebrate the beauty and intelligence of the plant world – each dish will “speak to your DNA” with key information to turn on health promoting genes through “nutrigenomics”, so that you can enjoy brilliant health – and have fun while you’re at it!”
Devon Christie MD 

YUM At 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair

Dr. Nicassio will be at the Gourmet Gallery (Hall 3.1/L 135) this week at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Please send an email to schedule a meeting with her or inquire about foreign rights, distribution, interviews or live appearances, even if you are unable to attend the Book Fair.

YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet can be purchased online on the website or from and