• Are you feeling lonely, even though you are in a relationship?

  • Are you missing that “Loving Feeling” that you used to feel when you are with your partner?

I’m happy to tell you that there may be some very easy things that you can do to start turning this around. You can begin as soon as today, if you are game to give it a go!

It may surprise you to learn that improving your relationship may be easier than you think. The hardest part is making the decision to start to do things that are not your automatic “habits” that you are used to doing. As you know, however, changing familiar habits and having the courage to try new things can be a very big stumbling block! It is my hope that by breaking such change into small achievable aspirations, you will be better able to succeed in your efforts.

THERESA’S WELLNESS TIPS: 2 Easy Ways To Improve Your Relationship

In this episode of Theresa’s Wellness Tips I describe two very simple things that you can do to improve your relationship—and neither costs a penny!

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