It is difficult to find words to express the depth of my gratitude for the countless beautiful people who have made the launch of YUM the experience that it was. Not to mention all of the work that went into the building of the infrastructure for the event and the contributions of our Sponsors (Choices Markets, Daiya Foods, Bean Around The World, & New Roots Herbal), the Transport Crew, the Set-Up Team, the Food Prep & Service Team, the exhibitors, the Book Sales Team, The Prize Donors, the Clean-up Crew, the Postering, Promotions and Media Team, and so many more contributors were an absolute A-Team. Without them, the magical YUM Book Launch experience would not have been possible.

Then, of course, there were those of you who attended the Community Party! WOW. Just WOW—what an energy of love, consciousness and compassion. The majority of the day, my eyes were welled up with gratitude and a deep sense of humility and joy to have the privilege of having my life touched by you and experience as many of you opened your hearts to me. What a gift.

Being able to share my beloved family and friends with all of you was a special treat, as well as watching as new and old friends came together in joy. Having Dr. Saul Pilar share his reflections and wisdom about health with all of you was a particularly special treat. His depth of caring and willingness to apply his knowledge to help others is very moving.

While I will be able to share with you many more beautiful photos from the event in the future, several friends have shared with me some of the moments that they captured that you can see on my Facebook Page and a few included here.

After the event ended, Vancouver blogger Rosalyn Cua (“Rozzie Pie”) asked for an interview to share with her community and said that I could share the video interview with all of you (which you will find at the bottom of this post). As many of you know, this journey is all new to me. I hope you enjoy sharing in the unfolding and learning adventure with me as I follow my calling to offer what I can to help every person I can find more LOVE, PLEASURE and GRATITUDE, regardless of the hand of cards around health and circumstances life has dealt them. YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet marks a revolutionary time around our relationship with food, ourselves, and the planet itself.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, kindness and support throughout this incredible (and YUMmy) journey.


YUM Launch in Action

Tessa Mouzourakis at YUM Launch

Gratitude for Angeline & Alex

Dr Saul Pilar at YUM Launch

Angeline_Cooking Demo

Alex Smoothie Cooking Demo


Val Vartnou at YUM Launch for Canadian Celiac Association





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