THERESA’S WELLNESS TIPS: Inspiring Interview with 13-yr-old teen, committed to his health

When 13-yr-old Peter asked if I would be willing to interview him so that he could share his story and his passion for healthy eating, I was thrilled! He said that he wanted to help inspire others with his story and information—even other kids. Not knowing his story until we were filming, I was blown away by the wisdom and commitment this amazing kid has.

Learning what he has from personal experiences in his family and then beyond, Peter has discovered what foods work best for his body and has never turned back. After the interview when we were off-camera, I asked Peter what it’s like for him to see other kids eating junk food. He said it doesn’t tempt him at all anymore. Even more impressive was his acceptance of different lifestyle choices. Peter had absolutely no judgement of others for their personal choices, he just wanted to demonstrate through his example there there actually are even more choices that many may not even realize are available to them. What he did express a serious concern and judgement about, however, was how corporations and advertising mislead many to believe that food that is actually harmful to one’s health are actually good for you.

What an inspiration to us all!!!

Thank you Peter!