You know how great it feels to share with loved ones exciting discoveries? I love that! It also reminds me of my college professor Ms. Bea…and the question about whether a tree that falls in a forest makes a sound if no one hears it.

Last week, I had the privilege of sharing YUM with a very special group of people at Heidi Henderson’s wonderful new wellness clinic called Vital Health Kitsilano. It was a VIP media event organized by Zara Durrani of Inspired Life Production​ where like-minded people were able to connect and celebrate the experience of living. YUM was invited to be part of the festivities via samples from the book and all of the guests left with “goodie bags”, containing health and beauty products, including a copy of YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet.

Loving people like I do, it was really fun to meet such vibrant, creative and hard-working leaders in our local community. One of these wonderful people was Ariane Colenbrander—the owner of the terrific blog called​.

How great that the ripples of joy from YUM are carrying forth, as more and more people are discovering the crazy-delicious (and easy-to-make) possibilities that can be enjoyed, even while not eating gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs, potatoes, or even any animal products (if they so choose).

Thank you Ariane for sharing your experiences–and with such precision. As the author of the book, it is sometimes difficult to succinctly describe the breadth and depth of the book’s mission—especially since YUM is indeed a cookbook, its scope and mission is far greater.

In the Vancouverscape article is the very special variation that everyone has been clamoring for—my “sushi-esque” Nori Rice Paper Avocado Wrap Rolls—one of countless variations possible with the simple recipe in the book. In the YUM Living spirit, variations and whimsical play are the name of the game. Throughout the pages of the volume, I offer lots of education, tips and tricks to help readers confidently take risks in learning to create delectable masterpieces they never imagined they could make.

Check out Ariane’s attached blog post. While you’re there, you might also enjoy meandering through Ariane’s other wonderful posts as well!


Delving into the World of YUM