With so many people asking me about the “Holiday Blues,” I decided to offer a series of information video blogs about this very important topic.

While many have a sense that the holidays can be a difficult time, the complexities around our moods and this time of year are tremendous. Because of this, many find themselves slipping into less-than-optimal or even destructive emotional and behavioural patterns and can at times spiral out-of-control. There are three primary components at work here…. the body, the mind, and the spirit, as well as an interrelated combination of the three. Fortunately, there are some very simple tips that can be of help!

Our emotions are strongly impacted by our physiological condition. Some of these physiological factors are in our control and some are genetic, so they are less so. Vitamin D levels (which are commonly low in Canadians because of where we live in relation to sun exposure), omega-3 levels, exercise levels (which often go down this time of year), blood sugar levels, and dietary factors (which often take a beating around the holidays, with a lot of extra sugar, gluten, alcohol, and other foods that often don’t agree with our bodies) are all factors that we may have some control of. However, because of the habits we have developed, as well as our lack of awareness of the actual impact of not attending to these factors, we often get pretty lax around them at this time of year. This can contribute to feeling more “blue”.

In this first THERESA’S WELLNESS TIPS around the topic of the Holiday Blues, I am starting with the most basic of these factors—the body.

I hope you enjoy this series and that it offers you some very simple tools to invite more grace into your life during this time of year.

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Dr. Theresa Nicassio (“The Inclusive Chef”) is a registered psychologist (#1541)and bestselling author of YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet . Also certified as a gourmet raw food chef, nutrition educator and integrative energy healer, Theresa promotes “inclusive cooking” as a form of practical kindness. She empowers others with delicious plant-based, heart-healthy, anti-cancer & diabetic-friendly recipes that are all free of gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs and potatoes.

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