While often celebrated as a useful tool for improved well-being, the benefits of gratitude truly are multi-fold.

One of the less-appreciated benefits of gratitude is that it prevents the inner experience of feeling like a victim in any way. At any given moment, we can only focus on one thing at a time—so the more moments we are residing in a mental space of gratitude, the number of moments that we can be in a more negative head-space are naturally reduced.

So think about it, it really is simple math! Happiness is not an all-or-nothing proposition, it is very much on a continuum. This reality is very empowering and offers us the opportunity to take mini-steps towards that which we want more of in our lives.

Wishing for you more moments in that magical land of GRATITUDE!

šŸ™‚ Theresa Nicassio, PhD., Registered Psychologist & Author
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