Just as was preparing for my big Cyber Monday YUM eBook Launch event, my video of the Vancouver Book Launch arrived!!!   It’s amazing how the stars work!!!

One of my goals with publishing YUM was to get it into the hands of those who needed it the most. So starting at midnight tonight, for just 33 hours, we are offering the Kindle edition of YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet for ONLY 99¢. The Kindle edition of YUM can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and computers, so it’s super convenient! (Amazon has free apps making the Kindle readable on all devices!!!)  And for those who purchase the eBook on November 30th and leave a review before December 15th, you will receive a coupon for 40% off of a hardcover version of YUM, plus FREE shipping to any address within Canada or the continental US. (for details: www.yumfoodforliving)

Once the 99cent deal ends after 33 hours, the eBook Countdown Event will continue. For example, for the next 33 hours, the eBook will be only $1.99; the next 33 hours it will be $2.99 etc… Throughout the event, the amount of time remaining for a given price level will be shown on the Amazon.com page. For those who then write a review of YUM on Amazon by December 15th who have made a purchase during this promotion will then also receive a discount code for the actual hardcover copy of YUM.  The less you pay for your eBook, the greater the savings you will get for your hard copy of the book (promotion details). What an exciting event!

Thank you Kathy & Steph of Beauty & Wellness TV​ for the wonderful video & for all of you who were a part of the Big Vancouver YUM Book Launch!  Thank you ALL for your incredible love, passion and support.TN-heart

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