DISTRACTION gets a bad rap!

Since the majority of our thoughts as humans have been found to be negative and often repetitive (neither of which tends to serve us or anyone else), as a therapist, I have become a huge fan of distraction.

That said, not all distractions are created equal.Ā  In this video blog that is in the Avoiding the Holiday Blues series, I am offering this very simple tip as a bit of an emergency first aid. Without getting fancy here, I just want to introduce you to this notion of using any distraction that is positive for you as a tool to help you get out of the common thought-looping pattern of negative automatic thoughts. In future blogs, we will talk about specific distraction and other strategies that have been found to help shift from those problematic thought patterns to more positive and life-giving ones.

For now, let your creativity soar and experiment with the resources you have as you embark on becoming a new kind of artist! šŸ™‚

I hope you enjoy this series and that it offers you some very simple tools to invite more grace into your life during this time of year…. and perhaps even beyond as well.

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