When being POLITE requires you to not HONOUR YOURSELF, it serves no one & is another common contributor to the HOLIDAY “BLUES”.

In this fourth THERESA’S WELLNESS TIPS around the topic of Avoiding the Holiday Blues, I decided to focus on the importance of self-honouring. Being polite has an important place in our lives, but not when it requires us to knowingly harm our body, mind or spirit.


It is easy to forget this fact or try to ignore it in your effort to be “Polite”. As you know, I am all about being considerate, being kind, and being compassionate. What many people do not realize is that we can be all of these things for others while still caring about and for ourselves.

Martyrdom through sacrificing our own health and wellness is not only unsustainable, but actually is destructive. So, let it go and choose to live as the complete being that you are while loving others at the same time.

I hope you enjoy this series and that it offers you some very simple tools to invite more grace into your life during this time of year…. and perhaps even beyond as well.

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Dr. Theresa Nicassio (“The Inclusive Chef”) is a registered psychologist (#1541)and bestselling author of YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet . Also certified as a gourmet raw food chef, nutrition educator and integrative energy healer, Theresa promotes “inclusive cooking” as a form of practical kindness. She empowers others with delicious plant-based, heart-healthy, anti-cancer & diabetic-friendly recipes that are all free of gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs and potatoes.

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Avoiding the Holiday Blues: FORGET POLITENESS!!!