In today’s THERESA’S WELLNESS TIPS, I talk about a topic near to most hearts… LOVE!

Connection is a universally longed-for human need, yet can sometimes seem very illusive. The great news is that with a few “tweaks” in how we think about life and love, we can learn how to more successfully love and be loved. Over time I’ll be sharing more awesome and easy tips like this one.

Today’s tip is very simple…. it is an invitation to think about “LOVE” as a verb instead of a noun. Yep, that’s it—taking us right back to grade-school English! (Hear that Mrs. Urwin and Mr. Palicki? — I really was listening! 😉 ).

I hope you enjoy these tips for living. After 29 years of providing therapy to the beautiful clients who have touched my life, I want to pass along what I have learned to help you and others live a more joyful, successful and vibrant life.

So, go out and enjoy the life of “DO-ing” love! 🙂

<3 Theresa, Psychologist & Author of YUM