When I was visiting my wonderful integrative physician last week, he shared with me an article about gazpacho, hypertension and cardiovascular risk, which said:

“Gazpacho consumption is associated with lower blood pressure and reduced hypertension in a high cardiovascular risk cohort…” To read more, go to Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. 2013 Oct;23(10):944052. 50876 (7/2015) .

We discussed how that particular recipe is not necessarily the healing factor, but certainly brings together in a delicious way many of the heart-healthy ingredients that our bodies love. He asked if I had a recipe for gazpacho and I mentioned to him that Gourmet Raw Food Chef Cherie Soria had a great recipe from her book The Raw Food Revolution Diet that we made when I was  a student at the wonderful school that she founded Living Light Culinary Institute. I decided to share the link with all of you as well.

You will notice when you go to the Living Light site that you will find lots of other great raw vegan recipes there as well.


For an awesome raw vegan gazpacho recipe, check out Chef Cherie’s Gazpacho recipe here.

Raw Food Recipe: Gazpacho!