I am learning soooo much! It turns out, the only reason I realized that YUM was on the BESTSELLER list was because it was the #1 BESTSELLER. When a book is the #1 BESTSELLER, I learned that they put a little yellow ribbon on the book’s buying page. It turns out, it may have been on the list for a long time on both the Amazon.ca and Amazon.com pages. Today I discovered that it is on the BESTSELLER lists on Amazon.com in the VEGAN Cookbook (#35/#72 on Amazon.ca) category, ALLERGIES (#64), GLUTEN-FREE (#75) and the VEGETARIAN & VEGAN (#80) Categories today and have no idea what it may have been during the past 2 months since it has been on the Amazon bookshelves!

So…. I am super stoked! YUM is getting out there, helping lots of people already. Now it’s a matter of taking the message and resources of YUM to that next level to help even more people who can benefit most!

In that effort, the Big YUM eBook Launch Sale is continuing all week with absolutely insane savings. For only $2.99 the entire resource is available to anyone!

Thank you again for being a part of the YUM Community and not only relishing in the deliciousness, but also freely sharing the goodness life has to offer with others.





#35 VEGAN Cookbook (Amazon.com)

#35 on Amazon.com top 100 Vegan Cookbooks

#72 on Amazon.ca Bestseller List of Vegan Cookbooks

#64 Allergies: Special Diet Cookbook (Amazon.com)

#64 on Amazon.com to Special Diets Allergy Cookbooks

#75 GLUTEN-FREE Cookbook (Amazon.com)

#75 on Amazon.com top Gluten Free Cookbooks

#80 VEGETARIAN & VEGAN Cookbook (Amazon.com)

#80 on Amazon.com Bestsellers List of Vegetarian & Vegan Cookbooks