As summer draws to a close and the new school year is about to begin, this is also prime time for abundant fresh vegetable harvests—and awesome salads, like Tabbouleh!

This salad is crazy-delicious and also extremely versatile. It is not only fantastic straight up as it is, but can be used as a condiment or serve as an awesome prepped food for other dishes. For example, I love to put this salad on top of other salad greens to serve as the no-fuss “dressing”. Or if I want to make a taco, a wrap or a taco salad, I can just throw some of this Tabbouleh Salad on and not need to add much of anything else. When I make tacos or taco salad, I like to put in a bit of hot sauce like Tobasco and maybe even some of my Meatless Taco Ground (pg 167), avocados, guacamole and/or olives, if I have them on hand.

I typically make this dish on the weekend after visiting the local farmers’ market and pre-package it in glass jars — multiplying the batch (especially when the ingredients are so plentiful and affordable) for quick and easy lunch and dinner ideas. I LOVE how fresh and light it is and how great I feel when I relish in this guilt-free pleasure. Since I minimize the grains that I eat, using the Cauliflower Rice (pg 163) offers all I long for. In this batch, I also added some of the beautiful lemon balm (aka “Melissa”) from the garden that is so generously offering itself in the garden right now. The taste is perfect for the flavour profile of this beautiful dish.

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(Recipe is excerpted and adapted from YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet (Sept 2015) by Theresa Nicassio, PhD.)

Tabbouleh with Mint & Cilantro


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*Photos & recipe excerpted and adapted from award-winning YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet (2015) by Dr. Theresa Nicassio. All rights reserved.

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