The world of food that our kids are growing up eating (and worse, believing is “normal”) is downright scary. Of course, they not only want to feel like all the other kids (didn’t you?), but unfortunately they are also the vulnerable victims of the addictive harmful ingredients that have become the mainstay of our food supply.

When we try to encourage our beloved children to consider healthier food choices, usually the outcome is not very successful. The most common response to such suggestions is the familiar eye roll, outright conflict, or on a particularly bad day, you might even witness your awesome kid that you only want the best for storming from the room, paired with the words “You just don’t understand!”

As parents, it can get really confusing. We want to do the right thing and help our kids live a healthy life, but if they won’t listen, what can you do?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, be sure to listen in THIS WEDNESDAY (August 17th) at 12:30 PT/3:30 ET  when Host Melissa Plaskoff & her awesome fun crew (Sarah Crill, Co-Host & Kevin Ebeling, Producer) & I will be discussing that important, yet often controversial topic on their terrific

Amidst the laughter, we will be discussing some creative tips to help your kids eat healthier food (and not even know it!), calling upon not just my knowledge and experience as a psychologist, but also my practical “real life” experiences as a mum.

I wish I could promise the total extinction of the eye rolls, but once my magic wand turns up, we can revisit that discussion further! (lol!) What I can say is that there is good news and some simple ways that are actually fun for everyone that can help you make some headway around this issue.

It would be terrific if you can JOIN US and share in the fun and insights!

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Dr. Theresa Nicassio, R. Psych (#1541)
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