I have always loved studying the different spiritual traditions of the world, seeking the wisdom each perspective has to offer. It’s no surprise that I eventually pursued a career in psychology, since the very essence of psychology is that it is “the study of the soul”.

In the Christian world, Easter is viewed by many as the most sacred of holidays, representing how the death of something once beloved was a necessary condition for new life to be possible.

This is a powerful message, reminiscent of the shamanic teaching that we must be willing to shed our outmoded ways of being, so that we can be claimed by life. It also reminds me of the teachings of the great existential psychologist and author Dr. Rollo May, who spoke about how it is necessary to annihilate outmoded or dysfunctional ways of being in order to create anything new.

So, on this day of renewal, regardless of your spiritual perspective, I invite you to take some time for reflection. Which skins, roles and ways of being do you feel have had their time that you are ready to shed, freeing you to embrace your life in a fresh new way?  How might you honour yourself in this sacred and sometimes difficult process of renewal? As you do so, know that at any time, you can invite grace to help you along your way.

Happy Easter (to ALL)!
Theresa (“The Inclusive Chef”)