If you’re like me, I was a bit squeamish about making my own probiotic fermented foods. Once I learned how easy they can be to make—as well as how much less expensive it is to make your own delicious beverages, there was no stopping me!

Research about the health benefits of probiotics for gut health continues to mount:

“Dietary changes and other events that lead to alterations in the gut bacteria may explain, for example, the increased rates of depression and anxiety and even issues with deficit that are also common in modern Western societies.” For more information, see Dr. David Perlmutter’s blog.


Without going into the whole history, in this video my focus is to empower you with the easiest way to make delicious fermented drinks possible—with no need for a kombucha “mother”, kefir “grains”, or anything else fancy. All you really need is fruit, water or juice, and a high-quality probiotic capsule or two that you can find at any nutritional food store.

Gotta love this!


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